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Before and After Care for Cosmetic Injections to Avoid Bruises

• It is better to avoid blood thinners such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, Naproxen, Aleve, Coumadin, Fish Oil, or Vitamin E for one week BEFORE the treatment. Taking medications after the procedure is OK.

• Avoid intense heat such as direct sunlight, saunas, hot tubs, yoga, hot wax, or a hot shower right before and for 24 hours after the treatment. Taking a warm fast shower is OK. 

• Do not drink alcoholic beverages for 24 hours before and after the treatment.

• Avoid strenuous exercise right before and for 24 hours after treatment.

• Do not lie down or lean forward for 5 hours after treatment. 

• Do not rub or massage the treated area. Washing the face is OK.

• You may ice the treated areas. But, Do not immediately freeze the regions with fillers unless there is a bruise. Ice may cause the collagen to shrink and lump.

What to Do if You Get a Bruise

• Do not panic; it will go away.

• You may apply Arnica cream several times a day until bruises fade away.

• You may use ice packs on the bruises. 

• You may apply Makeup; it will easily cover up the bruising.

Please Consider

• Bruising is the most common but, a temporary side effect in cosmetic procedures.

• Statistically, there is a 15% chance of bruising after each injection in the face.

• We have a very low incidence of bruising in our practices, from 0% to 2%.

• The most common areas to bruise are around the eyes and sometimes the lips.

• If Bruising happens, it may be immediate, or it may appear a couple of days.

• There is an increased risk for bruising with multiple injections, especially with fillers. 

• Bruising is more common in the lighter skin than in the darker skin.

• It is normal if you develop redness, swelling, and tenderness around the injections. It may take two days to subside, or up to two weeks depending on your skin sensitivity.

• We use the finest and highest quality needles. We apply a gentle, and an almost painless technique, and we take special care to avoid the small veins in the face. However, with any cosmetic injections, you may bruise, even after considering all the precautions.

• The procedures results are always lovely and worth it. 

• The side effects are minimal if at all. Minimal side effects have never stopped any of the patients from getting the treatments over and over again on time.

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